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Digital Applications : Summer school

What is it ?

Since the month of October 2018, the Institut Supérieur de Propédeutique d'Amiens (ISPA) has started offering its students an online service for digital application for any of its on-site programs.
Start applying to the program(s) of your choice between our French Courses (from A2 to B2 levels) and / or our Preparatory Programs in Arts, Economics, French (FLE), Hospitality or even Music !
Once registered to one of our online digital application space (either for the « Cours FLE (A2-B2) » and / or for any « Preparatory Program »), you will get a 6-month unlimited access to your online space that includes free and unlimited access to the 4 e-learning course modules of our Savoir France collection to help you better prepare ahead of your oral Campus France visa interview ! (original product cost : 140€).
Once your application form and details are complete, we will scan through it and let you know our decision under 72 working hours (except on week-ends, holidays and bank holidays). Should your application be accepted, you will receive a pre-registration attestation in your inbox. Otherwise, you will get a refusal notification instead, (in such case, the cost for registering to the online digital application space shall be non-refundable).

How much does it cost ?

Registration costs for our online digital application services vary according to the program you would like to apply for :
  • for the "Cours FLE (A2-B2)" program, the registration fee to access our online digital application service costs 200€*
  • for the "Preparatory programs", the registration fee amounts to 400€*

    * Please note that all registrations to our online services and courses are non-refundable except when students can justify for an exceptional situation.

Am I eligible to register to this product ?

Registrations to our online digital application spaces for our on-site programs (i.e. "French Courses (A2-B2)" and / or any of our "Preparatory programs") are open to everyone, all year long.
Before you register to the "French Courses" ("Cours FLE") program, please make sure you do avail of a minimum A2 level in French. Otherwise, your application might be rejected by our school.
Likewise, it is advised that you should avail of a minimum B1 level in French in order to be able to follow the courses offered within the frame of our Preparatory Programs.

What are the services included ?

ISPA gives you free access to its technical troubleshooting service to help you in case of problems met while navigating on our platform. Should this happen, please feel free to drop us a few lines detailing your problem at the following address : ispad @ amiens-ispa.fr (you shall get an answer within 48 working hours, except on week-ends and bank holidays).
For any administrative request, please use the following e-mail address : contact @ amiens-ispa.fr

Contact & information

Should you have any question, please feel free to write us at : ispad @ amiens-ispa.fr
More info avalaible on our website :

Which technical setup do I need ?

For best results, please use a computer equipped with a sound card and a microphone or headset for virtual classroom sessions. You must also avail of a high-speed internet connection as well as of a messaging service, (please always check the spam folder before you send us any request). You might also have to check for available updates on your computer (browser, Flash Player…) and allow pop-up windows inside your browser. IMPORTANT NOTICE : this product is not optimized for mobile access on either smartphones or tablets.