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Student Visa : "Savoir France" collection

Important notice: get a free 6-month unlimited access to the 4 modules of our Savoir France collection when registering to our online digital application service for any of our on-site programs !

What is it ?

Dreaming of coming to study in France ? Willing to succeed in your oral Campus France interview and get your study visa ? Our "Savoir France" collection of e-learning modules was made for you !
It is made up of 4 interactive and autocorrective e-learning modules that will help you develop and / or sharpen the 4 necessary skills needed to rock the oral visa interview ! Namely, these are :
  1. Being able to introduce yourself properly ("Savoir parler de soi") : this introductory module will help you learn how to introduce yourself in the best possible manner when facing the Campus France jury. Among other things, you will learn which tricks to avoid to better succeed on the big day !
  2. Being able to present your career project ("Savoir parler de son projet professionnel") : this second module will help you in better understanding what a career project is and how to properly build your own !
  3. Being able to talk about your studies project ("Savoir parler de son projet d'études") : this third module will help you in better understanding what a studies project is, how it articulates with you career project and how to properly build your own. You will also get to learn some interesting facts about the French Higher Education System !
  4. A Cultural Discovery Trip Through France ("Découverte culturelle de la France"): to finish, this fourth module comes as an interactive track game during which you will get to travel around France to find back a series of tokens. Go to places like Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon or Amiens without a single move !

Once registered to the Savoir France collection, you will get an unlimited access to all 4 modules for 6 months, (please note that there will be no registration prolongations granted).
You may choose to complete your registration by subscribing to our "Visa Coaching Option" (1-hour long private interview with a native coach using our videoconferencing system).

How much does it cost ?

Registration to this product costs 140€*

* Please note that all registrations to our online services and courses are non-refundable except when students can justify for an exceptional situation.

Am I eligible to register to this product ?

Registrations to this product are open to everyone all year long.
Before you subscribe to this product, do make sure you avail of a minimum A2/B1 level in French to be able to follow the modules.

What are the services included ?

ISPA gives you free access to its technical troubleshooting service to help you in case of problems met while navigating on our platform. Should this happen, please feel free to drop us a few lines detailing your problem at the following address : ispad @ (you shall get an answer within 48 working hours, except on week-ends and bank holidays).
For any administrative request, please use the following e-mail address : contact @

Contact & information

Should you have any question, please feel free to write us at : ispad @
More info avalaible on our website :

Which technical setup do I need ?

For best results, please use a computer equipped with a sound card and a microphone or headset for virtual classroom sessions. You must also avail of a high-speed internet connection as well as of a messaging service, (please always check the spam folder before you send us any request). You might also have to check for available updates on your computer (browser, Flash Player…) and allow pop-up windows inside your browser. IMPORTANT NOTICE : this product is not optimized for mobile access on either smartphones or tablets.